Adam Clayton Explains What U2 Thinks About Bono Working On Solo Records


U2’s bassist Adam Clayton stated in the recent episode of the podcast ‘Rockonteurs’ that neither he nor his bandmates would stand in the way of Bono going solo and that they would even support him.

The Irish rock band U2 has been active and successful for over 40 years since its formation in 1976. They have won more Grammy Awards than any other band and they have ranked No. 22 by Rolling Stone on its list of the ‘100 Greatest Artists of All Time.’ 

Having gone through a lot together, in a recent podcast, the band bassist Clayton revealed that it would be more than okay if Bono or any of the band members decide to pursue a solo career. He did not cease to mention that not only he but everyone else would be supportive of Bono’s decision.

He commented on the matter in the recent episode of the podcast saying:

“If Bono wanted to go off and do a solo record, I would encourage him and certainly everyone else would.” 

The 40-year-old bond between the band means a lot when taking such decisions. According to Clayton, 40 years is a very long time to be together and everyone would be understanding if anyone decides to try something else. He did not forget to mention that the band would accept him if he decides to leave and then come back.

Here is what he said:

“We’ve all done 40 years, and that’s pretty long in any job. If anyone wanted to go off and do something different and come back to the band or whatever, I think the band is elastic enough for that.

After Clayton revealed that Bono would have the band’s blessing if he were to pursue a solo career, the fans got excited about what will come next but they also stated that they would prefer a new U2 album rather than a solo Bono album. They also remarked their happiness about the band supporting Bono regardless.