Ace Frehley Accuses Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Of Deceiving KISS Fans

Ace Frehley recently joined Eddie Trunk to discuss the rumors about his possible featuring for KISS’ final shows, how Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley deceived the fans, and why the duo badmouthed him over the years.

With the band reaching the ‘end of the road’ with their current farewell tour, fans wondered whether a possible reunion with Frehley and other former members would be possible. The act’s longtime manager, Doc McGhee, recently debunked these rumors, saying guest appearances weren’t in the store and disclosing why others hated taking the stage with KISS.

So, when Trunk asked Frehley about the rumors, the guitarist approved McGhee’s words in a way by stating that he received no formal invitation was sent his way. However, although he received no offers, Frehley pointed out how Simmons and Stanley deceived fans in various interviews by falsely inferring that a reunion with the classic lineup could be in the works.

The guitarist’s words on if he had received any invitations for a reunion and how Simmons and Stanley deceived the fans:

“Absolutely not, but I have read interviews where Gene and Paul are inferring and actually haven’t invited me. So, I think in a way they deceived the fans because that makes the fans think that me and Bruce [Kulick] and Peter [Criss] are gonna show up, and from what I understand, both concerts are sold out.

I think the fans [are] anticipating me being on stage [but] I haven’t been contacted formally, and if they want me to get up on stage for the last final concerts, they better have deep pockets.”

Frehley then continued by addressing Paul’s recent words on the Howard Stern Show, where the frontman discussed why KISS didn’t perform during their Rock Hall induction. Stanley had called out the classic lineup by stating that if the band had performed with the original members, they would look like KISS but sounded like PISS.

Ace stated that although he hadn’t heard the interview, the word spread, and Stanley’s words were only the continuations of a longtime badmouthing against him. He discussed how his KISS bandmates tried to ruin his reputation since his initial departure in the early 80s, although there also had been times when they tried offering Frehley to come back for huge sums of money.

Frehley addressed Stanley’s words with the following:

“I haven’t heard the interview myself, but I have been told that Paul went on Howard Stern, and when Howard Stern addressed Paul about why didn’t he get up on stage with me and Peter, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he made a comment saying, ‘Well, if we would have gone on stage with Peter and Ace, you could have called the band PISS.’

 Those guys have been badmouthing me since I quit the very first time in 1981, 1982, calling me a drug addict, calling me an alcoholic, saying I’m unemployable, I’m undependable. And then, when we did the ‘Unplugged’ thing for MTV, all of a sudden, I’m offered millions of dollars to come back to the band.

Oh, what happened? Now I’m not a drug addict, and I’m dependable, and you’re willing to take a shot at hiring me again? In fact, they offered me more money than they offered Peter.”

It’s apparent that with Frehley receiving no formal invitation and Stanley’s not-so-flattering words calling the band PISS if they were to play with the original lineup, a reunion with the original four seems impossible. Still, who knows what will change, and only time will tell whether these former friends will ‘KISS’ and make up.