Accept’s Wolf Hoffmann: ‘I Don’t Listen To Metal Music’

Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann just proved that you don’t have to listen to metal even if you’re a metal musician.

In a recent interview with A&P-Reacts, the rocker was asked if he ever tries to discover new bands and listen to something different than what he normally listens to. In response, he said he doesn’t even listen to metal that much:

“Not at all, never do, never ever. It’s weird. I listen to music but I don’t listen to metal much. Sometimes if I’m really in the mood I put on some old stuff like old Uriah Heep or old [Deep] Purple or stuff like that, but man, other than that I never put on any metal and I’m not really that interested in it either, sorry. I make metal but I don’t really consume metal so much, it’s weird.”

Accept Didn’t Want To Be Called Heavy Metal At First

Although Accept is one of the first heavy metal bands, they didn’t want to be called heavy metal during the first years of their career.

In a separate interview with Rockklassiker, the rocker explained why they didn’t see themselves as metal:

“It’s been always said we were the first heavy metal band — purely heavy metal band — out of Germany. Eventually, in the early ’80s, people started coming up with that term ‘heavy metal.’ And I remember thinking, ‘Is that good or bad? It sounds a little cheap somehow.’ Initially, I thought, ‘I don’t know that I wanna be called heavy metal. But then the term stuck.”

Hoffmann then explained how he feels about the term now:

“And now, of course, everybody calls everything metal. But when it first came up, it was, like, I didn’t know quite what to make of it. But then we basically said, ‘Well, wait a minute, if anybody is heavy metal, it’s us.'”

You can watch the interview below.