Mick Mars First Apologizes, Then Thanks Fans Regarding New Album

Mick Mars has issued a statement about the delays in the delivery process of his solo record.

The guitarist shared two photos on his Instagram while packaging and signing new editions of his debut solo album, ‘The Other Side of Mars,’ and wrote in the caption:

“Sorry for the long wait, we had to press more records because y’all went nuclear on my web-store. I feel so honored!!”

He also added in a follow-up comment:

“Thank you so much.”

The Musician Did Well On The Charts

Mötley Crüe faced criticism for their latest song release, ‘Dogs of War,’ while Mars received more positive feedback for his album. His record also climbed the charts faster. When the rocker dropped his solo effort in February, he announced that it was number one on iTunes Charts. In an Instagram message, Mars wrote:

“Woke up to finding myself at the top of the iTunes Charts and thought I must still be dreaming. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much for your support. And thanks to iTunes and Spotify for the feature as well!”

Why Did Mötley Crüe Fans Attack ‘Dogs of War’?

When ‘Dogs of War’ came out, Mötley Crüe fans were not sure it sounded exactly like the band. When they shared some part of the track on Instagram, one of the fans commented:

“I really love Motley Crue, it’s actually my favorite band. But damn… This song (for me) isn’t Motley Crue.”

Another fan also didn’t find the song impressive:

“Love the Crue and I think John 5 is amazing, but I don’t completely feel the song. It’s not bad and the guitar playing is killer, but it’s not very memorable and definitely not TFFL/SATD quality. Looking forward to more music.”

Some felt the absence of Mars in the band’s sound:

“Someone is missing.”

Mötley Crüe’s new release fell behind Sebastian Bach, too. The singer recently shared Heavy 1 Radio’s Top 20 singles list which showed him at the top with his new song, ‘(Hold On) To The Dream.’

You can see the photos Mick shared on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Mick Mars – Instagram