5 Best I Prevail Songs To Discover Before Godsmack Tour

I Prevail is about to hit the road with Godsmack on an American tour from May 5th to May 28th, these two powerhouse bands will be up on the stages across the States. To help you gear up for this event, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 I Prevail songs that you need to discover before the tour kicks off.

We’ll be shining the spotlight on their two most influential albums, ‘Trauma’ (2019) and ‘True Power’ (2022), which brought the band limelight. These are the tracks that will most likely have you singing along at the top of your lungs when the Godsmack tour finally arrives.

5. There’s Fear In Letting Go

‘There’s Fear In Letting Go’ is an emotionally-charged track that has gained over 15 million listens on Spotify. The song strikes a chord with listeners as it explores the struggle of letting go and the vulnerability that comes with it. Its haunting melody and powerful lyrics create an atmosphere that’s hard to forget, making it a must-listen before the Godsmack tour.

4. Self-Destruction

With over 16 million listens on Spotify, ‘Self-Destruction’ is another I Prevail track that you won’t want to miss. The song delves into the theme of self-sabotage and the battle against one’s inner demons. The intensity of the music and the raw honesty in the lyrics create a captivating listening experience.

3. Bad Things

‘Bad Things’ has made quite a splash since its release, amassing over 24 million listens on Spotify. Revolver magazine praised the track in their 2022 article titled ‘Hear I Prevail’s Insanely Catchy New Song ‘Bad Things’,’ branding it as a ‘banger.’ With its infectious hooks and high-energy sound, ‘Bad Things’ is the perfect anthem to get you pumped for the upcoming tour.

2. Gasoline

‘Gasoline’ has set the music world ablaze with over 79 million listens on Spotify. I Prevail’s frontman, Eric Vanlerberghe, named ‘Gasoline’ as one of his favorite tracks during an interview with Louder Sound in March. The song’s hard-hitting riffs and explosive chorus make it a standout on their discography and an absolute must-listen before the tour.

1. Hurricane

Topping the list with over 107 million listens on Spotify, ‘Hurricane’ has been a fan favorite from the start. Eric Vanlerberghe also named ‘Hurricane’ as one of his top tracks in the Louder Sound interview, mentioning that the band knew it was special from the beginning. He described the song as the core of what I Prevail should be, and its powerful lyrics and driving melody certainly prove that point.

In his own words:

“This was one of the first songs we started writing for ‘Trauma,’ and we knew that it was something special. Coming from Lifelines into this new era of I Prevail, we wanted to have a little more heaviness, we wanted to try rapping, and I wanted to sing a little bit. We had so many things that we wanted to try, but ‘Hurricane’ felt like a good middle ground. It felt like the core of what I Prevail should be, and whilst it had remnants of what we’d been in the past, it also showed what the future may bring for us.”

According to Vanlerberghe, the band tried rapping and singing at the same time, which may give you a little bit of a resemblance to Linkin Park. The song is definitely a middle ground for these two goals regarding the band’s sound. Vanlerberghe mentioning the future is exciting as the fans wonder if rap/rock will be an upcoming investment for the band.

The Tour Is Approaching!

As the Godsmack tour approaches, diving into these five I Prevail tracks is the perfect way to prepare for the experience that awaits. Each song tells a story, creating a captivating musical journey. Also, the songs’ meanings for both the fans and the band only make the listener wonder what they will experience on their tour. Don’t forget to buy your tickets as there aren’t a lot of days left for it to begin!