Courtney Love Is Struggling With Mental Health Problems


Hole frontwoman Courtney Love recently shared a photo of her dog Bell on her Instagram account to express her gratitude for its support while going through hard times. She admitted that she has been dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder for a while.

As you probably know, Courtney Love chose to pursue a crazy lifestyle, including sex, drugs, and rock and roll when she was very young. Then, she realized that she had a great passion for music, so she formed Hole and worked at strip clubs to buy the necessary equipment for the band. After their third album, ‘Celebrity Skin,’ Hole gained fame and commercial success.

Love’s rising fame triggered her longtime addiction problem, and she couldn’t even think about recovering from it after her husband and Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, killed himself on April 5, 1994. Courtney Love started experiencing anxiety, depression, and anger issues which led to legal troubles after she physically attacked people around her.

In her recent Instagram post, Courtney Love revealed that she is struggling with PTSD because of ‘outside matters in Los Angeles.’ As you may recall, she had previously complained about the US legislation system and moved out of Los Angeles to protect her mental health. She stated that her dog Bell has always been there for her when she feels terrible. Also, Love thanked Bell by defining it as her teacher, nurse, doctor, and Doggisatvah of the earth.

Love’s IG post read:

I had a horrible flare (brought on by trauma/stress – PTSD – from outside matters in Los Angeles.) It’s in great hands now. I am backing off, respectfully. Please no longer involve me. Don’t slide into my DMs, don’t contact my PR.

I want to express my gratitude to Bell for being such an amazing nurse, doctor, Shaman, teacher, carer, life-giver. Doggisatvah of the earth, She’s so wise. Not that Bell can read this but I hope all of you out there, can find the bond I have with this creature.

I suffered so badly for the last 4/5 days. I couldn’t leave my bed. She just knows. She just gets on top of me and breathes life into me. It’s a phenomenal thing. She’s a gift from heavenly deities. I am so thankful she is here on earth.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram
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