Wolfgang Van Halen Names The Band He Would Like To Be Drumming For

Mammoth WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen unveiled the band that he wished to play the drums if he had a chance during his recent interview with Louder Sound. Van Halen’s choice didn’t surprise his longtime fans, who already know the musician’s greatest influences.

Wolfgang Van Halen started playing drums at the age of nine after watching Van Halen rehearsals. Also, his uncle and the drummer Alex Van Halen gave him a few lessons, but he is a self-taught drummer and multi-instrumentalist. Years later, he started his professional musical career when he joined Van Halen as the band’s bassist to replace Michael Anthony in 2006.

Following his father, Eddie Van Halen’s death on October 6, 2020, and Van Halen’s disbandment, Wolfgang decided to focus on his solo career with Mammoth WVH. The musician reflected his sadness, grief, and love for his late father to his music while working on the songs, and the album received very positive reviews from his fans. Wolf’s success and popularity proved that he’s more than Eddie’s son.

In his interview, after the journalist asked about the band that he would love to join, Wolfgang chose to be Nine Inch Nails’ drummer even though he knows that Ilan Rubin has been doing a great job in the band. He described Rubin as a phenomenal drummer he doesn’t want to replace, but he would still like to explore how drums contribute to Nine Inch Nails’ sound.

Wolfgang said in his interview the following:

“I mean, it would never happen, but the idea of drumming for Nine Inch Nails… that’s an awesome position. I think Ilan Rubin, who’s doing it right now, is a phenomenal drummer. So I don’t wanna take his position or anything, it’s just… The drums are always such an interesting part of the live band of Nine Inch Nails to me. Because it’s not always there on the album.”

In addition, previously, Wolfgang Van Halen had named Nine Inch Nails as the band that inspired him and his musical style alongside Black Sabbath. Thus, he combined their styles in his song ‘Stone,’ which was released on his solo band’s self-titled debut studio album on June 11, 2021.