When Ace Frehley Revealed The Results Of KISS Members’ IQ Tests


Sometimes, we listen to a song and think about the brains behind the music or the lyrics. We then say, ‘One must be quite smart for making such music.’ For instance, the classical music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had an IQ between 150 and 155, while the pop queen Madonna’s IQ score was 140.

When KISS members were spending some time together, they decided to take an IQ test. However, the results were quite interesting. In a previous interview with Classic Rock, the original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley revealed the test results, and it seems KISS had a genius in the band.

What Were The IQ Scores Of KISS Members?


Speaking to a previous issue of Classic Rock Magazine, Ace Frehley revealed that he has an IQ of 163, but he has done lots of stupid things due to his addiction. He then stated he was at the top of the IQ test results among the other KISS members.

Moreover, Frehley claimed that Paul Stanley had the lowest score, but it didn’t surprise him as a frontman needs to make the right moves rather than be a genius. He then said that he is not a very good businessman, but Gene Simmons has the best business brain in the band. So, Frehley implies that an IQ score doesn’t make one good at everything.

In the interview with Classic Rock, Ace Frehley said about KISS members’ IQ scores the following:

“‘You have an IQ of 163. How come you’ve done so many stupid things?’ That’s where addiction comes in. Kiss once took an IQ test, and I was on top. I guess my brain was working well that morning. Thank God for good genes.

I think Paul got the lowest score. No, that didn’t surprise me. A frontman doesn’t have to be a genius. He has to have the right moves. But with an IQ test, there are some people who are brilliant that would probably do really sh*tty on them.

I mean, Gene Simmons has the best business brain, absolutely. I don’t consider myself a very good businessman. When I start doing numbers, I get a headache. I’m ruled by the creative side of my brain, not the analytical side.”

So, Ace Frehley was a genius with an IQ score of 163. However, he claims that he is not good with numbers, and the creative side of his brain is more prominent than the analytical side.