Was Metallica And Miley Cyrus Collaboration A Mistake?


As you know, most musicians make collaborations with other artists at some point during their careers. They sometimes release a new track together, work on a new album, or perform live at some events. However, it is no doubt that what most arouses interest in the fans is the cross-genre collaborations. One of these musical efforts was Metallica and Miley Cyrus‘ collaboration that attracted great attention.

Metallica is known to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their ‘The Black Album’ with a new covers album ‘The Metallica Blacklist.’ The album features 53 artists covering tracks that belong to ‘The Black Album’ including Elton John, Chad Smith, Robert Trujillo, and Miley Cyrus. Cyrus also performed ‘Nothing Else Matters’ alongside the heavy metal legends during a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show. Although the outcome caused some eyebrows to raise, some thought that the performance was actually good. Let’s learn whether this collaboration was a success or a mistake.

Metallica And Miley Cyrus Collab Attracted A Great Deal Of Attention


On September 9, Miley Cyrus and Metallica made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. During the show, the iconic musicians also performed together Metallica’s classic ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ The performance got the thumbs up of some while most of the heavy metal fans did not approve of such collaboration.

Recently, a Metallica fan page asked the band’s fanbase whether the performance was a mistake. Considering the comments below the Facebook post, Miley’s cover received mixed views from the fans. While some fans claimed that Metallica tries to keep up with today’s times by making such musical efforts, others said Miley should make her own music and stay away from Metallica songs. 

In the comments section, one of the fans stated that Metallica is trying to stay relevant and to appeal to a new generation of fans. He then said they needed to grow and change to adapt to today’s music scene. Another fan also stated that Miley has a wonderful voice and is a talented artist, so she needs to continue down this path.

One of the fans commented on the Facebook post that:

“They are trying to stay relevant. This is a good thing. I know most Metallica fans are not Miley Cyrus fans. I’m not a fan of hers either. But this is what they have to do to appeal to a new generation of fans. How many other rock bands from the ’80s are still as popular as Metallica? None. When a band is around for a long time they grow and change. Look at the Stones or Led Zep.”

Another then said:

“… It took me a week to build up the guts to listen to it, but I actually loved it. Miley truly has a wonderful voice. I wish she would do more stuff like this or even more moody country. People just hate her to hate her a lot of the time and that’s sad. She’s an incredibly talented artist and I hope she continues down this path or even something similar.”

However, some fans were thinking otherwise. One of the most liked comments stated that James is awesome without Miley’s voice and her voice is not tolerable. Moreover, another fan stated that she should stick to her own music instead of this. On the other hand, a fan also went on to say that Miley completely ruined the song.

The comment that got around 200 likes stated:

“I cannot get through the song, can’t tolerate her voice. James is awesome without her!

One of the fans agreed it was a mistake and said:

“Yes, she has completely ruined the songs.”

Another fan also agreed and said:

“Yeah, I agree. Miley is an amazing artist but she should stick to her own music.”

It appears some Metallica fans support the band’s decision to collaborate with a pop artist like Miley Cyrus. Nevertheless, quite a lot of them disapproved of Cyrus’ performance.

Was The Collaboration Really A Mistake?


Although the performance received mixed views, a band formed back in 1981 needs to follow up with today’s circumstances, and to do so, ‘The Metallica Blacklist’ is a quite successful effort. The two artists’ fan bases and their genres are both poles apart indeed, but it is safe to say that these types of collaborations mark an innovation and progress for both of them. So, it shouldn’t be seen as a mistake but rather be conceived as a breakthrough.

On the other hand, Miley Cyrus showed off her vocal talents and hit the higher notes seemingly easily during the impressive performance. Moreover, she and Hetfield harmonically sang during the chorus and Cyrus hasn’t had any difficulty keeping up with the band.

You can watch Miley Cyrus’ performance of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ below.