Tony Iommi Reveals How Eddie Van Halen Helped Him Recover From A Disease That He Also Suffered

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi opened up about his relationship with Van Halen late guitarist Eddie Van Halen during a recent interview with Guitar World Magazine, in addition to revealing the fact that while he was struggling with arthritis, Eddie Van Halen helped him since he had the same disease.

Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more of somebody’s joints and the main symptoms of the disease are joint pain and stiffness which often worsen with age. The typical causes of arthritis are either an infection or injury directly to the joints in addition to a family history of the disease.

As many of you remember, legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen was diagnosed with arthritis and had hand surgery in Düsseldorf, Germany back in 2009 after his increasing pain in his left hand. Eddie revealed the fact that he began to experience pain both in his thumb and pinky during the last portion of Van Halen’s 2007-2008 tour and eventually surgery became inevitable.

Here is what Eddie said:

“It got progressively worse to the point that about three months ago I wasn’t able to play at all. My pinky and my thumb were totally locked up and felt like there was something broken.”

During a recent interview, Tony Iommi opened up about the time when he opened up to Eddie Van Halen about the problem he was having with the cartilage in his thumbs. Due to the fact that Eddie knew how it could be healed, he recommended his doctor to Iommi for his arthritis, thus, Tony received the same treatment as Eddie.

Here is what Iommi said:

“For example, a few years ago I told him I was having problems with the cartilage in my thumbs, and Eddie recommended that I go to this guy he was seeing in Germany. So, I went there, and I had this form of stem cell treatment like Eddie had. And yeah, it was really good. It’s not well known that Eddie struggled with his arthritis. I’m amazed how well he played, really.”

Tony Iommi also opened up about the loss of Eddie Van Halen over months ago due to throat cancer and revealed that he and Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May were the two closest friends of him and the passing of Eddie was a horrible loss. In addition to this, Iommi praised Eddie by revealing that he was an extremely caring, lovely, and easy-going human being ever.

Here is what he said:

“I’ve got two really great friends in the music business — Brian May is one and Eddie Van Halen was the other. Ed was just fantastic, and his death is a terrible loss. I feel so sad for his wife Janie, brother Alex and his son Wolfgang. It’s such a loss for everybody, fans and musicians alike.

He was a fabulously caring human being. Whenever I was in L.A., I’d call him and we’d go out for dinner with our wives, and it was lovely. He was so easy going and we’d just sit and chat about anything.

We stayed in contact in recent years through e-mail or phone. I was going through some of his emails recently and they were really heartwarming. We went through some similar things so we could really relate to each other.”

You can see the source of the interview here.

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