Tokio Hotel’s Cover Of The Who’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ Has Premiered

Tokio Hotel recently released their highly anticipated rendition of The Who’s song, ‘Behind Blue Eyes,’ which has already received thousands of positive comments from their fans.

As you may recall, less than a couple of weeks ago, Tokio Hotel had announced their second collaboration with VIZE, which’s a musical duo that makes EDM and House music. Their first collaboration with VIZE was slightly surprising for some fans as they had gotten used to Tokio Hotel’s alternative rock sound.

However, their first track ‘White Lies’ was appreciated by millions which must have encouraged Tokio Hotel to do a second one with them. VIZE and Tokio Hotel recently announced the release of their cover of the Who’s famous song ‘Behind Blue Eyes‘ on Twitter and although their version definitely carries EDM and House characteristics, the rock sound is still there.

Here’s what Tokio Hotel stated in the tweet about their latest release:

“The Who 1971 // Limp Bizkit 2003 // Tokio Hotel x VIZE 2021 Behind Blue Eyes out 28.05.2021 and tomorrow live during the finale of GNTM”

The use of acoustic guitar and heavy drums leading up to the chorus honor the rock background of the song. Although the chorus can be described as house music, the in-between acoustic guitar sounds made Tokio Hotel’s rock fans smile. Without further ado, we present to you Tokio Hotel’s rendition of ‘Behind Blue Eyes.’

You can see the post and listen to the recently premiered track below.