The Time James Hetfield And His Daughter Cali Cover An Adele Song

Metallica frontman James Hetfield and her daughter Cali Tee Hetfield‘s performing a pop icon Adele’s song ‘Crazy For You’ together for the second annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure benefit concert back in 2015, once again, proved how loving and caring father James is as he stepped out of his comfort zone with a pop song.

As many of you know, James Hetfield has been married to Francesca Tomasi since August 17, 1997, and the lovely couple has three children, Castor Virgil Hetfield, Marcella Francesca Hetfield, and Cali Tee Hetfield. Among all of his three children, Cali is the one who has the most tendency to be interested in music since the father and daughter had performed on special occasions a couple of times.

For the second annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure benefit concert which took place in San Francisco way back in 2015, the Metallica frontman and his 16-year-old daughter Cali shared the stage as the duo performed an acoustic version of famous pop singer Adele‘s ‘Crazy For You.’

While many fans seemed surprised by the iconic frontman’s performance as he was just sitting and playing the guitar to a pop star’s song which was quite unexpected due to the fact that James Hetfield is not known for liking anything pop related, however, being a father may change a person as Hetfield was smiling from the very beginning of the performance to the end as nothing but a proud father.

Here is what a fan commented under the video:

Fatherhood changes a man. James is really just a big teddy bear now.”

Here is what another said:

“James has a huge smile on his face nearly the whole time. That’s one proud dad

You can see James Hetfield and his daughter Cali performing ‘Crazy For You’ below.