The Story Behind Joe Perry’s First Departure From Aerosmith Because Of His Wife


Aerosmith founding member, lead guitarist, backing, and occasional lead vocalist Joe Perry has an exceptional music career. Perry is such a celebrated musician that he was ranked No. 84 in Rolling Stone’s list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Although he’s primarily known for being a staple member of Aerosmith, Joe Perry spent five years apart from the band. While leaving, he took a collection of unrecorded material that later became the foundation of his album ‘Let the Music Do the Talking,’ released in March 1980. Let’s take a look into the reason behind his decision to leave, and you will be surprised as it’s about the band members’ wives.

Joe Perry Left Aerosmith After His Wife Had A Fight With A Band Member’s Wife


Aerosmith headlined multiple shows during the world music festival concerts in 1979 with numerous successful artists such as Van Halen, Ted Nugent, AC/DC, and many others. While it was a successful decade for the band musically, their addiction to drugs started to affect the band members negatively, and tensions slowly started leading to fights.

At the World Series of Rock in Cleveland on July 28, 1979, an argument occurred between Joe Perry’s wife and bassist Tom Hamilton’s wife. When Perry’s wife threw a glass of milk at Hamilton’s wife, the two musicians had a heated argument, and unfortunately, the incident resulted in the guitarist’s departure. Since the musician left the band in the middle of recording the sixth studio album, ‘Night in the Ruts,’ Aerosmith had to complete the record with a temporary guitarist.

Lucky for the fans, Joe Perry re-joined the band following a meeting with his old bandmates in February 1984. Since then, the guitarist has been with Aerosmith, and they have released eight studio albums so far. Fans would be incredibly disappointed if Aerosmith was left with Joe Perry because of a feud between two members’ wives over an unimportant matter. Fortunately, that was not the case.