The Stevie Nicks Song Christine McVie Considered ‘Boring’

The journey of Fleetwood Mac‘s legendary album, ‘Rumours,’ and the stories surrounding its making have captivated fans and critics for decades. The relationship between the band’s two powerful female vocalists, Stevie Nicks, and Christine McVie, has often been a topic of discussion, with rumors of rivalry persisting over the years. The evidence from various interviews and the band members’ own words paints a different picture, revealing a bond between the two artists that was built on mutual support and a shared commitment to their craft.

The rumors of rivalry between Christine and Stevie have persisted throughout the years, often fueled by the media. However, this notion of competition between the two was far from the truth. Instead, McVie and Nicks supported one another as they navigated the challenges of being women in a male-dominated industry.

Contrary to the popular belief of a bitter rivalry, Stevie and Christine maintained a close friendship, providing emotional support to each other during turbulent times within the band. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nicks even mentioned a secret oath they took never to let people treat them as less important singers due to their gender and to always strive for the same respect as their male counterparts. This oath served as a guiding force for both artists, helping them to navigate the challenges of the music industry as women.

With this understanding of their relationship, it is surprising to learn that McVie initially considered Nicks’ track that she brought to the band as a possible song for the album titled ‘Dreams’ to be a rather ‘boring’ song. McVie and Nicks had discussed the recording of ‘Rumours’ with Blender in 2005 and provided insight into the creative process and the critical role that collaboration played in shaping Fleetwood Mac’s music.

Christine McVie’s words about the track read:

“‘Dreams’ developed in a bizarre way. When Stevie first played it for me on the piano, it was just three chords and one note in the left hand. I thought, ‘This is really boring,’ but the Lindsey [Buckingham] genius came into play, and he fashioned three sections out of identical chords, making each section sound completely different. He created the impression that there’s a thread running through the whole thing.”

It is fascinating to delve into the songwriting process and understand how such a classic song was perceived at its inception. It even provides insights into the dynamics within the band and their creative collaborations. Ultimately, it is evident that Christine’s initial skepticism surrounding ‘Dreams’ was not a reflection of animosity or rivalry between McVie and Nicks but rather a natural part of the creative process.

The transformation of ‘Dreams’ into the unforgettable hit we know today is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the band members and the genius of Lindsey Buckingham’s arrangements. This story serves as a reminder that even the greatest songs can have humble beginnings, and it is through the dedication and teamwork of talented artists that timeless music is created that solidifies the band’s place in rock history.