The Singer Anthony Kiedis Was In Awe Of His Art

As outsiders looking in and admiring musicians, Anthony Kiedis is most probably on many people’s lists of favorite artists. However, the artists within the music industry also have musicians they are in awe of and inspired by. For the Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist, that one person was Nirvana’s late frontman, Kurt Cobain.

The two bands were dominating the rock scene in their own rights in the early 1990s. RHCP was at its height after releasing ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ while Nirvana dropped its classic album, ‘Nevermind,’ which had a massive reaction from fans. Following their success, they also crossed paths in a way that broke the internet.

After RHCP released ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ they were on a roll on the most extensive tour to support the album. They were accompanied by Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, and also Nirvana. In hindsight, it was one of the most epic lineups of opening acts, considering the future success of these three big bands. In short, it was a tour you wanted to be a part of as it was the league of legends on almost every night.

Although it was epic to perform with Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins, it was a different kind of experience to share the stage with Nirvana, as the RHCP members had this thing about Nirvana that pushed them to give it their all. Kiedis even recalled that he felt pretty nervous around Cobain because he almost idolized and looked up to him so much.

In an interview with Penthouse in 2002, Anthony Kiedis shared that they had had different inspirations back in the eighties. Still, it shifted to other artists in later years, more specifically to Kurt Cobain and the unmatchable works he created with Nirvana.

The singer explained, “There was a time when we watched a little bit of Traci Lords during the taping of ‘Mother’s Milk.’ In fact, we used an orgasm track of hers for the background of one of our songs back then. Lately, I get a lot of inspiration from the beauty of Radiohead’s last two records – ‘Amnesiac’ and ‘Kid A.’”

Kiedis added, “Kurt Cobain was my favorite songwriter in the past 15 years. I was just constantly in awe of his character and his art. I’ve also gotten inspiration from P.J. Harvey, Sinead O’Connor, artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Robert Williams.”

Even though so many incredibly talented artists inspired Kiedis in the industry, Cobain always held a special place in the musician’s heart, so having the chance to tour with them was a marvelous thing in and of itself. Spending moments with the singer confirmed to Anthony that Cobain was an artist more than deserving to be admired.