The Rush Song Neil Peart Wrote To Mock KISS

Rush announced its name in the music scene with the self-titled debut album on March 1, 1974. The band adopted a hard rock style with this album, similar to what most bands from their generation did. The song ‘Working Man’ became the fans’ favorite immediately. On February 15, 1975, ‘Fly by Night’ was released and became the band’s first example of the progressive rock genre. Additionally, the record had a special place for them as the lyricist and drummer Neil Peart served as a new member.

The band members continued to create without slowing down and released the album ‘Caress of Steel’ in the same year. The band improved their sound by exploring more progressive elements in this album, moving away from hard rock, and they also revealed Led Zeppelin inspired them in their songs like ‘Bastille Day.’ However, there was a song Peart wrote not to praise but to tease a rock band of the era.

Neil Peart Wrote ‘I Think I’m Going Bald’ As A Parody Of KISS

KISS released its second studio album, ‘Hotter than Hell’ in 1974 with the songs like ‘Parasite’ and ‘Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ ‘Goin’ Blind,’ titled initially ‘Little Lady,’ was another song from the album. As Gene Simmons explained during their MTV Unplugged performance, the track talked about a dying sea captain trying to reach a mermaid.

In their book ‘Contents Under Pressure,’ Geddy Lee mentioned that Rush often listened to this song and made fun of it during their tour with KISS in the ’70s. Lee revealed that Neil Peart created the line ‘I think I’m going bald’ due to Alex Lifeson’s fear of losing his hair in the future, as he used various remedies to prevent it while still young.

According to Lee, Peart came up with this line thinking about aging after being inspired by KISS’ song and Lifeson’s fear. The rocker noted that although the piece was considered sentimental, it was actually a ‘funny’ one regarding its sound and story. He added contrary to what people thought about them, some of Rush’s songs were far from serious.

Geddy Lee revealed the story behind the song they created to mock KISS:

“We were touring a lot with Kiss in those days, and they had a song called ‘I think I’m goin’ Blind.’ So we were talking the piss out of that title by just coming up with this. Peart came up with this line, ‘I think I’m going bald,’ because Alex is always worried about losing his hair, even when he was not losing his hair. So he would try all kinds of ingredients to put on his scalp.

And I think it just got Neil thinking about aging, even though we weren’t aging yet and had no right to talk about that kind of stuff yet. It would be much more appropriate now. And it just became a kind of funny song, even though the song is not funny, in terms of sentiment, it kind of is, and the music is really goofy. A lot of people mistake us for being deadly serious, but some of our songs are just plain goofy.”

You can listen to the songs below.