The Reason Mick Jagger Doesn’t Care About Other People’s Feelings

As a result of being a member of one of the greatest and most famous bands in rock and roll history, the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has been exposed to criticism for decades. Apart from his fame as one of the most popular and influential singers in rock music, he has built a notorious reputation with his personal relationships and was often portrayed as a countercultural figure.

Although many musicians would find it hard to deal with such criticism, Jagger has always managed to handle the press and people’s comments about his private life. In fact, there’s an old interview where the frontman reflected on this matter and revealed his secret to dealing with never-ending allegations and opinions of others; let’s take a look.

Mick Jagger Talked About Criticism He’s Been Exposed To

During a 1970 interview, Mick Jagger reflected on people’s behavior toward him. After stating that most people take his image on media as his true personality, the musician said they don’t know how he truly lives his life. When he spoke unconcerned about the way people see him, the interviewer said he might be unobservant of other people’s attitudes to him.

On the contrary to the interviewer’s opinion, the Rolling Stones singer stressed that he’s very observant. However, he’s lucky enough to be thick-skinned, which is a feature he either learned over the years or was born with it. Regardless of its origin, Jagger said he’s insensitive to other people’s feelings and opinions, especially those he doesn’t know.

Still, Mick Jagger didn’t forget to mention that his uncaring mindset doesn’t apply to his audience. While Jagger doesn’t care about the people who don’t know him and he doesn’t know, he still listens to his fans since they are the ones that matter the most to him.

About his attitude towards criticism, Jagger said:

“I’m very observant. I’m very thick-skinned. Either I’ve grown to be, or I am naturally very insensitive to other people’s feelings, especially people I don’t know, except in an audience. I take notice of them because I’ve come to see them. So I take notice of their opinions.”

You can have a look the interview below.