The Reason David Gilmour Sold All Of His Guitars

David Gilmour was a member of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd as the lead guitarist and vocalist. One of the most acclaimed musical acts in music history, Pink Floyd won numerous awards and produced a great number of commercially successful albums such as their most popular ‘Dark Side Of The Moon,’ ‘The Wall,’ and ‘Wish You Were Here.’

Gilmour took the band’s lead in 1985 after Waters’ departure, and Pink Floyd released three more albums. Apart from his musical efforts with Pink Floyd, he also released four solo studio albums. As a successful guitarist, Gilmour received numerous awards and was listed among the greatest guitarists of all time.

Apart from working on producing music, Gilmour also supported charities. He took part in projects to raise awareness on animal rights, poverty, environmentalism, homelessness, and human rights. To show his support, Gilmour also made several donations to the organizations. For instance, he even sold his house back in 2003 and donated the money to fund a project for the homeless.

The prolific guitarist has used several guitars during his musical career. One of them was his Black Strat, and he used it in most of Pink Floyd’s concerts and the band’s albums between 1970 and 1983. Gilmour also had 1954 white #0001 Stratocaster, several Martin models, and Gibson guitars. However, one day, he decided to sell all of his beloved guitars. This decision was for a good cause, though.

David Gilmour Sold More Than 120 Guitars For Charity

Back on June 20, 2019, Gilmour decided to auction 120 of his guitars for charity. These guitars included his iconic Black Strat, his #0001 Stratocaster along with other Stratocasters, his 1969 Martin D-35, and his 1955 Les Paul.

During the auction, his most valuable guitar in the collection, the Black Strat, sold for $3,975,000 and became the most expensive guitar ever sold at an auction. The auction raised $21,490,750, and all sales proceeds went to the environmentalist charity ClientEarth.

Speaking about his decision, David Gilmour told Guitar World in an interview that this was something he was planning for years. He then stated the guitars served him well for a long time, and it was time for them to create new music with different people. Gilmour then revealed he wanted to raise money for the people that need it most throughout the world, and he would donate the money for charity.

David Gilmour told Guitar World about his decision that:

“It’s something I’ve thought about for years. These guitars have served me very well. They’ve given me songs and tunes, but I thought it would be good for them to move on and create new music with different people. Hopefully, they’ll also raise a fair bit of money, which I plan to donate to charity, and that will do some direct good in this world with all its difficulties.”

Gilmour then revealed his reason:

“The big picture is I want to raise some money. There are a lot of major problems in our world today in terms of refugees and starvation. I have a charitable foundation and the money will be distributed from there to the people that need it most throughout the world.

It will be just a drop in the bucket, but many will potentially benefit from this sale. That’s more important to me these days.

Although Gilmour used these guitars during some key moments in his music career, he had no qualms to sell them for charity. As he also noted in the interview, he thought of them only as tools of the trade and sold them for a good purpose.