The Reason Behind James Hetfield And Metallica’s Hatred Against Jason Newsted


There was always a problematic relationship between Jason Newsted and the rest of the Metallica members. The issues were related to the time when he first joined the band. Neither Metallica members nor their fans can still get over the tragic death of the band’s bassist, Cliff Burton even if it happened more than 30 years ago.

During the Damage Inc. Tour in Sweeden as a promotion of Metallica’s third studio album entitled ‘Master of Puppets’ a little gamble between the band’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett, and bassist, Cliff Burton irrecoverably changed everything.

Cliff Burton didn’t find his seat comfortable and wanted to change it. After he won the card game against Hammett, he took his place on the bus. In the tragic bus accident, he was thrown out of the window and fell on his head. He couldn’t be saved and died on September 27, 1986. Then, Jason Newsted was recruited to Metallica as the new bassist but he wasn’t accepted as the new bassist of the band in the beginning.

Why Did Metallica Members Hate Jason Newsted?


Jason Newsted was the bassist of Metallica from 1986 to 2001 until he wanted to leave the band because of his personal reasons. In one of his previous interviews, James Hetfield revealed why Metallica members hated the new bassist in the beginning. One of the main reasons was Newsted’s being a fan of Metallica and acting like a fanboy who achieved his biggest dream.

Here’s what Hetfield said about Newsted:

“And Psych 101 will tell you that all our anger, our grief, and sadness got directed at him – not all of it, but quite a bit of it. He was an easy target. And I think there were a couple of things about Jason, his personality…

He was goofy enough to take it, which was a positive for him. I think he was such a fan, and we hated that – we hated that part. We wanted to ‘unfan’ him and become as hard as we were. So trying to beat the fan out of him. Trying to also get him to play something different like Cliff would.

Therefore, Hetfield and other members tried to ‘beat the fan out of him’ to accept him as one of their own. Also, there was another problem with Newsted which was related to their former late bassist, Cliff Burton. Burton had his own unique talent as a bassist and Newsted had to become as good as him to really replace Burton. Metallica’s lead singer also accepted that Newsted tried so hard and did his best by contributing a lot to the greatest works of Metallica.

You can watch the interview below.