The Eagles’ Joe Walsh Reveals His Absurd Condition For Using AI: ‘It Can’t Destroy A Hotel Room’

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, The Eagles’ Joe Walsh explained that he didn’t see AI as a threat in the music industry and revealed the one thing that would erase his indifference toward it. He said:

“It’s computers; it has nothing to do with music. It can’t destroy a hotel room; it can’t throw a TV off the fifth floor into the pool and get it right in the middle. When AI knows how to destroy a hotel room, I’ll pay attention to it.”

The guitarist’s statement is linked to an incident in his past. As his late bandmate, Glenn Frey, recalled in ‘History Of The Eagles,’ Walsh and John Belushi were responsible for causing $28 000 damage to a hotel room in Chicago years ago.

According to the band’s documentary, the two trashed the room after returning from a night out at a fancy restaurant. Frey remarked on the memory by saying:

“And so that night, with a bunch of glee, [Walsh and Belushi] set about to set the world record for room trash.”

The Eagles later referenced this incident in their 1978 song ‘Life’s Been Good.’ You can listen to the track here and check out Joe Walsh’s recent statements in the video below.


Rocker Joe Walsh of The Eagles says he’s not threatened by AI and has a very specific bar it needs to pass before he gets concerned. #joewalsh #theeaglesband #artificialintelligence

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