Ted Nugent: ‘There’s No Systemic Racism, White Supremacy Is A Myth’


The rock musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent recently went live on his Facebook account and continued his discussion on white supremacy and systemic racism, and insisted that they are both myths and that the biggest threats are the communists that no one talks about.

As you know, Nugent is known both for his career as a successful musician and his controversial statements. However, it is often his bold statements on social and political matters that attract the most attention. Almost three weeks ago, he had confirmed that he tested positive for COVID-19, which brought him to headlines of rock world news.

Some days ago, he also made some bold claims by saying that white supremacy is not real and that systemic racism doesn’t exist as the United States has ‘fixed that.’ In his recent Facebook live, he once again repeated these statements and added that what exists is work ethic and effort which ‘has no color’ and ‘no gender.’

However, he went on to say that he prays for people who are confused about their gender, which is called gender dysphoria, and his dismissive statement angered LGBTQ+ members and allies. Furthermore, he added that although ‘there are Nazis out there,’ there are more communists who are the real problem. Finally, he said that the number of white supremacists and Nazis is so low that they are like ‘boogers on the beach.’

Here’s what Ted Nugent said during his Facebook live (transcribed by RC):

“Tell your Mayor, your Senator, your Congressman, your Governor, tell everybody in your life who stands with law enforcement and believes in law and order. Let everybody know, shout from the mountaintop that ‘there isn’t systemic racism in America.’ That’s a lie. White privilege doesn’t exist.

Work ethic, effort is what exist. Has no color, has no gender. Well, it mostly has male and female gender but if you’re confused we pray for you. So let everybody know there’s no systemic racism, white supremacy is a myth.

Alright, so there are nazis out there, there are way more communists than there are nazis. The entire democratic party is Marxist. Are you not going to complain about that? Show me where white supremacy or the nazis mean anything.

They don’t mean anything. They don’t exist. They’re a booger on the beach, you don’t even feel it when you step on it barefoot.”

You can check out Ted Nugent’s Facebook live below.

Posted by Ted Nugent on Saturday, May 8, 2021