Ted Nugent Shares The Heavy Metal Bands He Loves

Ted Nugent recently spoke to AntiHero Magazine about music after releasing his latest single, ‘Come and Take It.’ He mentioned the heavy metal bands he liked during the conversation because of their rhythmic sound.

The activist and guitarist Ted Nugent doesn’t solely talk about music in media. He is currently invested in the politics of America and criticizing what he thinks is wrong with the government. Making live streams on Facebook often, the guitarist has a lot of followers who support him in his ideas of conservative politics, including the support to gun ownership and the benefits of hunting.

In addition to talking about his debatable opinions, the musician jams on his guitar for the songs he had been working on, some of which he released recently. The song entitled ‘Come and Take It’ is a ‘patriotic rock anthem,’ according to Nugent, and it is also set to be released with its album, ‘Detroid Muscle’ in April 2022. Despite his prominence in politics, he showed that he is also still as invested in creating music.

In a recent interview, he talked about the heavy metal genre. Being an individual who has been involved in the rock side of the genre, he revealed that there are a few heavy metal bands he likes listening to regardless of being a rock musician. According to him, the music should have rhythm instead of plain heavy metal music. He stated that Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Metallica do this perfectly, and he is a fan.

Here is what he said about heavy metal bands:

“Well, there’s other bands. I fail to mention a lot, like Triumph out of Canada. How about Iron Maiden? I mean, I’m not a heavy metal fan, but their music is so infectious because they believe, they are honest with their music, and their musical adventure is just some of the best music in the world. We could go on and name so many bands. I love what Judas Priest did.

I love all these different bands. Metallica. I mean, again, I’m not a fan of heavy metal, but I am when they put rhythm in it, and certainly Iron Maiden and Metallica, and so many of those bands are so rhythmical and so authoritative, and you can tell they practice. They put their heart and soul into it, so Chuck Berry is in there. There’s a Howlin’ Wolf in there too.”

You can listen to Nugent’s new single below.