Ted Nugent Says Tom Morello’s Rage Against The Machine Is Like A ‘Facade’


After the recent school shooting in America, Ted Nugent made a live stream and expressed his opinions. He mentioned Tom Morello and his liberal thoughts and talked about how his band Rage Against the Machine is just a facade and that he and his band are ‘The Machine.’

Inspiring his band name Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello actively shares opinions regarding the oppressing powers in politics worldwide. Aside from his music, he is known to express the injustices in the world and stand up for them as a liberal. He openly stands up against inequality and discrimination by stating his opinions, making him a target of criticism, especially by those opposing his views.

Ted Nugent is also a rock star who became active on Facebook and YouTube by expressing his opinions about politics in the USA. The rocker is continuously for carrying guns with proper training and for people to try to defend their homes and the US borders from immigrants to maintain public safety in the USA. However, the recent school shooting, which became the 27th one in the country only this year, opened up controversies about guns and whether or not people should be allowed to carry them.

While Nugent discussed this matter in his live stream and engaged with his followers, he mentioned that he would like to have Tom Morello on his streams to understand his opinions. He stated that if he is for protecting his house and family, he should also be for securing the US borders, which won’t make anyone racist. He also slammed the Rage Against the Machine singer, stating that his band name is just a facade because liberals like him are the machine itself.

Nugent’s words on RATM follow:

“I wish I’d get some of my liberal buddies on here. Tom Morello. Tom, you gotta believe in securing your home, don’t you? You protect your family; I think Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine. They’re not really Rage Against the Machine; it’s just a facade. It’s kind of like Kubaki makeup because he is the machine. Tom Morello and his band are ‘The Machine.’ No offense Tom, but come on and talk to me about this. Because he fancies himself a liberal, I guess.

He won’t come on the show, and Wayne Cramer, my old buddy from the MC5 Weather Underground and Che Guevara fan, maybe I got you wrong. Come and correct me. Certainly, you secure your home, which means you’re for secure borders. If you’re secure for home, and if I’m for secure borders and that makes me a racist, then you’re a racist. But I know you’re not a racist, and you know I’m not a racist.

You can watch the whole live stream below.