Ted Nugent Says The Mask Thing Is A Life While Explaining Why He Doesn’t Wear A Mask In Public

During one of his live video chats on Facebook, rock veteran Ted Nugent expressed his opinions on the mask requirements suggested by authorities to end the Covid-19 pandemic and claimed that wearing masks is not effective to fight the deadly disease.

As you may know, the iconic musician Ted Nugent has been using his social media accounts often to express his thoughts on political and social issues in America. As a devoted supporter of former President Donald Trump, Ted also shares his opinions on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which includes not following the necessary precautions to fight the disease.

Nugent previously shared his opinions about the pandemic by posting an open letter on Facebook. He explained his theory which claims that the Covid-19 pandemic was a human creation that aimed to scare people and create anxiety. He also confirmed that he won’t be vaccinated since it is a fake vaccine for a fake disease.

In a recent Facebook live video, Nugent talked about his choice not to wear masks in public. He shared a story about a lady who stopped him at the hardware store and said she was so glad that Ted wasn’t wearing a mask since he is much too pretty to cover his pretty face. While sharing his interesting encounter with that lady, he stated that the reason why he isn’t wearing a mask was that ‘the mask thing is a lie.’

Furthermore, Nugent implied that he is surprised to see people not knowing about this lie. Because, according to his statement, they could easily find out about it by trying to breathe when they wear a heavy-duty mask during the winter and they could tell that their breath ignores the mask.

Here is what Ted Nugent stated about the mask requirements in certain public places:

“Some lady stopped me the other day at the hardware store, and I wasn’t wearing a mask. ‘Cause I have a permit. Here’s my permit to not wear a mask. Because the mask thing is a lie. Oh my God. Who doesn’t know this? When you wear a heavy-duty mask during the winter and you breathe, you can tell that your breath ignores the mask. Who doesn’t know this shit?

But anyhow, this lady said, ‘I’m so glad you’re not wearing a mask, Ted, because you’re much too pretty to cover that pretty face.’ And I went, ‘Yeah, no shit.‘”

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