Steven Tyler And His Grandson Axton Haven’t Seen Each Other For 1,5 Year; Yet Axton Has A Remedy For Longing

Aerosmith lead vocalist Steven Tyler‘s daughter Mia Tyler shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing an adorable picture of her son Axton while revealing that they haven’t seen each other in a year and a half, however, kept on seeing the iconic frontman’s pictures everywhere.

As many of you know, Mia Tyler is quite an active social media user, especially on her official Instagram page on which she has 150k followers. In addition to being an actress, plus-size model, and fashion designer, Mia also is a social media influencer and often shares romantic moments with her long-term boyfriend Joseph, her upcoming projects, the moments in her spiritual growth, and so much more.

Along with her posts that includes only herself, Mia’s fans love seeing pictures of her extremely sweet son Axton who was born May 10, 2017, and since then, her fans watched him grow as well as Mia herself opened up about being a single mother along with revealing the magical side of being a mom.

Grandfather Steven Tyler used to had a close relationship with all his four grandchildren all of which he adores, however, the coronavirus pandemic kept them apart for quite some time, a year and a half to be specific as Mia Tyler revealed in her recent post on her official Instagram page.

Mia Tyler shared a charming picture of handsome Axton when the mother and son went to a cafe for breakfast in which there was a picture of Steven Tyler which was a happy coincidence when you take the longing into consideration.

Here is what Mia Tyler said:

“Celebrating the last few days of 3 at some of our favorite places. We haven’t physically seen our Papa Steven Tyler in a year and a half but we keep bumping into him around these parts and it makes our hearts happy.”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram Page