Steve Vai Explains Why He’s Not A Fan Of Eric Clapton, And Praises Jeff Beck

The guitar virtuoso Steve Vai talked about his early musical influences during a recent appearance on The French Connection.

In the conversation, Steve Vai mentioned that he looked up to the musicians such as Carlos Santana, John Sergio, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, who also taught Steve how to play guitar, and many more.

After putting so many musicians on his list, everybody was waiting for the name of legendary Eric Clapton. However, his name never came up for Steve as his early musical influences.

Steve mentioned that he heard Clapton’s music a few times in the stores but he wasn’t interested in him because he wasn’t a big fan of a white guy playing blues.

Interviewer asked:

“Did Jeff Beck or Clapton come into your sights?”

Here is what Steve Vai said:

“Clapton never came in, I mean, I appreciated it, but I was more into… Beck came in a big, big way with ‘Blow By Blow.’ ‘Blow By Blow’ was the first- because I was probably 11 or 12 when that came out, but that was huge, and also Santana.

I walked into a music store, they had a little record department, and they were playing ‘Europa’ over the loudspeaker in the record department.

But I was never really a big fan of white blues guitar playing. I was the one that was missing out, but it just seemed totally off my radar.”

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