Steve Lukather Blames Justin Bieber For Stealing One Of Toto’s Songs

Toto guitarist Steve Lukather opened up about his latest solo album, ‘I Found The Sun Again’ during a recent interview with Guitar Magazine as well as revealing his opinions on making a ‘real’ record while addressing the band’s previous accusations to pop icon Justin Bieber stealing one of their tracks.

As some of you might remember, Steve Lukather opened up about his purpose in making music during an interview with Rocksverige four months ago and stated that he plays music as an artist who loves the art of creating rather than making a hit single on the radio, solely for the money. Speaking of which, Lukather stated that the definition suits Justin Bieber the best in addition to claiming that he ripped off one of Toto’s tracks named ‘Going Home’ in order to create his song, ‘Anyone.’

Furthermore, the Toto guitarist stated that the band is working on a lawsuit since Justin Bieber is a thief who has $200 million in his pocket and lawyers hired to keep people away from him, according to Lukather. Therefore, he revealed his own opinion about the matter and stated that there’s most likely going to be a settlement and Bieber is going to get away with stealing an original song.

Here is what the Toto guitarist said:

I’m not trying to write a hit single to be on the radio. That’s ridiculous! I’ve had my time in the sun, thank you very much! I’m an artist and I play music because I love music. It’s not like I’m making tons of money off of it. It’s not like my record’s gonna sell a million copies. Who’s does? Justin Bieber, who just ripped off one of our songs.

Totally ripped off the song ‘Going Home’ man! It’s the same melody, the same groove, the same key… different lyrics. I think Paich is working on a lawsuit. The thing is the lawyer we wanted to use, Bieber hired to keep people like us away from him. He’s stealing, he’s a thief! We’re gonna go up against some guy that’s got fucking $200 million against us? It’ll be a fucking settlement, just like the same way Satriani had with Coldplay. He’s never told me how much he got, but he just smiles.”

During a recent interview, Steve Lukather opened up about his brand new solo album, ‘I Found The Sun Again’ which was created according to the olds days of music, without the latest offering of technology for the purpose of creating a ‘real record,’ according to the iconic guitarist.

Moreover, the Toto icon stated that he’s skeptical about the commercial success of the album since it isn’t a typical album filled with pop chart hits on top of a simple beat while once again referring to the pop star Justin Bieber whose alleged theft was mentioned by the apparently bothered guitarist.

Here is what Steve Lukather said:

“You know, I don’t count things anymore. I’m 63 years old and I’ve been doing this for 45 years and I really still love it, man. This is my most recent effort at trying to make a real record like we used to do in the old days, for today’s market. I don’t know who is going to listen to it, it’s not like I sat down with Justin Bieber to write a hit – in fact, he stole one of ours but that’s a whole other story!”

You can see the previous interview right here and the latest interview here and listen to ‘Anyone’ and ‘Going Home’ below.