Steve Lukather And Jonathan Cain React To Their Kids’ Marriage

It’s not surprising to see two musicians getting married, as many names in the industry have walked down the aisle. However, this time, the daughter and son of two talented artists tied the knot. Toto’s Steve Lukather and Journey’s Jonathan Cain are now co-fathers-in-law as their children recently got married with a beautiful ceremony.

After four years of dating, Steve Lukather’s son Trevor and Jonathan Cain’s daughter Madison decided to get married. The happy couple tied the knot in a romantic black tie-themed ceremony at the Houdini Mansion in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Steve and Jonathan recently took to their Instagrams to express their feelings about the wedding.

Storybook wedding in Laurel Canyon last Saturday as I offered my daughter’s hand in marriage to Trev Lukather, Steve’s son,” wrote Jonathan Cain while posting a photo of himself holding his daughter’s hand. “A beautiful ceremony with friends and family.”

“I am so happy and proud,” Steve Lukather said in his IG post. He also didn’t forget to include photos taken during the ceremony. Besides his fans, Steve’s fellow musicians, such as Eric Friedman, Richie Kotzen, and Rick Beato, also celebrated the marriage in the comments section.

Trevor has his own rock band named Levara, and the band recently released their first single ‘Heaven Knows.’ Madison, on the other hand, is eager to pursue a music career as a singer. It’s beautiful to see that the couple is now happily wed with their fathers’ blessing.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Cain – Instagram
Photo Credit: Steve Lukather – Instagram
Photo Credit: Steve Lukather – Instagram