Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Explains The Final Goal For The End Of His Career

Corey Taylor is gearing up for fall 2023 to release his sophomore solo album CMF2, and in the meantime, the singer also gave insight scoop to Metal Hammer about his goals for his career over the next twenty years to wrap up his career. He explained:

“I’m looking at this as my third chapter. Starting out with Slipknot was a war just to keep my shit together, then as time went on, it became about balancing two massive acts and to keep doing it for my own pure reasons. This third act will probably be the last 20 years of my career, presuming I make it another 20 years!”

The third act and his last hurrah over two decades will be bringing together sounds that his fans have never heard before, and apparently, that includes a mixture of Bruce Springsteen and Ozzy Osbourne; he added:

“For me, the third act is bringing together music from this wheel I’ve found myself in – songs from Slipknot, from Stone Sour, and showing people things and bands they’ve never heard before. I want to be a mash-up of Bruce Springsteen and Ozzy Osbourne.”

While fans wait for a mash-up of Springsteen and Osbourne, they can listen to his lead single from the record called ‘Beyond.’ They can also get ready for his 2023 tour in support of his new album, which will include special guests Wargasm, Oxymorrons, and Luna Aura and kick off on August 25 in Denver. You can see the tour dates and get the tickets here.

You can read Corey Taylor’s interview with Metal Hammer here and listen to ‘Beyond’ below.