Shavo Odadjian Reveals The SOAD Songs He Has Hard Time Playing

Speaking to Tuna on Toast, Shavo Odadjian revealed which SOAD songs gave him the most trouble playing and explained how things went for the band after this year-long break.

Here is what Shavo Odadjian said:

“There was a moment in ‘Soil’ that I was playing wrong, and then there was a moment in ‘Forest.’ It was just an octave thing. But I like to hit it right because it is all about the dynamics of how we sound.”

He continued, reflecting on SOAD’s live performances:

“There’s only one guitar and one bass, you have to be doing your part right, or else it sounds empty. There’s no track we play to; there are no keyboards. I mean, there are here and there when Serj plays, but lately, it’s been broken down punk rock. We’re just doing it.

So, there are no double guitars. I am that thing, the double guitars; I am the rhythm. I believe in being a spot-on man and doing what you need to do. We’re tight now; I swear, after four days, we sound like we haven’t stopped, like we’ve been on tour for nine months. That’s what it feels like.”

Following the release of ‘Protect The Land’ and ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’ in 2020, System Of A Down has been on a creative hiatus. However, the band recently played at the Sick New World festival, their first show in over a year.

You can watch the interview and Shavo Odadjian’s performance of ‘Soil’ during the show at the Sick New World festival below.