Scott Ian Says Cliff Burton Was The Best Musician In Metallica

Anthrax’s Scott Ian recently talked about one of the greatest metal bands in the world, Metallica, in an interview. The rocker compared their members to each other and stated that Cliff Burton was the best musician.

Metallica is a band worth discussing as it is one of the few worldwide metal bands known and loved regardless of age, nationality, and music taste. They have established themselves by having a wide variety of genres in their music, and while they are among the four leading thrash metal bands, they weren’t shy to switch up their styles a bit throughout the years.

Unfortunately, the band went through a bad period when their beloved bassist Cliff Burton passed away. The band continued to perform and stay as Metallica until this day. Still, losing Burton was a hard truth to accept for them, and it deeply affected the band members. Moreover, it was a challenging loss for most musicians to come to terms with since his talents were incomparable.

Scott Ian recently stated that Cliff Burton was the best musician because he knew about the music’s theory and physicality. He was talented and understood the technical side of music as well. He also mentioned that even though James Hetfield was writing out of the riffs, Cliff was putting them together, which was very important.

Here is what Scott Ian said about the late musician:

He was the best musician out of all of us. Certainly, he knew more about music. He knew the theory; he knew about melody like he was just a much more accomplished musician than anyone else at that point. That has so much to do with their growth as a band and songwriters, I think, on those first three records. You go from ‘Kill ‘Em All’ to ‘The Master of Puppets.’

The leaps they were making, from ‘Kill ‘Em All’ or ‘Ride the Lightning’ to ‘Master of Puppets.’ It’s just Cliff’s ability when it came to arranging and putting their songs together. James may have been writing most of the riffs, but Cliff had this sensibility that no one else had when it came to melody and harmony. You hear it on those records. Especially ‘Master of Puppets’ record has Cliff’s fingerprint all over it.”

You can watch the interview below.