Sammy Hagar Says He Sounds Like He Ripped His Voice

The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar recently appeared on RT America and talked about his recent show Sammy Hagar and Friends. The vocalist highlighted that his voice sounds like it has ripped while staying in Las Vegas and explained why that’s the case.

As you may know, Sammy Hagar has been pursuing a very successful career as a lead singer and bandleader for many years. After gaining recognition in Montrose, Eddie Van Halen hired him as Van Halen’s next frontman following David Lee Roth’s departure. Then, Hagar’s personal problems with Eddie caused his forcible departure in 1996.

Even though in the beginning, Hagar thought that his career was over and he couldn’t be as successful as he was in Van Halen, he was ultimately able to preserve his popularity as a solo artist. He founded various bands, Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar, and the Circle, Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas, and performed many tours without stopping for even a month.

In his recent interview, Hagar drew attention to his busy schedule, and he revealed that he wouldn’t get tired due to traveling a lot during his Sammy Hagar and Friends show in Las Vegas because he is staying at the Strat for the event. However, the air there is so dry that Hagar feels that he ripped his voice, although he only performed for two concerts in one week.

Hagar stated in his interview that:

“I’d never stay off more than two weeks, I come home, I go two weeks, stay on two weeks. I really don’t even do that, to be honest. I do about forty shows a year, but it’s just to keep my band alive. I love doing it but, the travel kicks my ass.

I thought, well, we’ll do a residency in Vegas so I don’t have to travel. But the air in that town is so dry. I mean I’m still listening to me, I sound like I’ve ripped my voice. I’m only singing for two damn nights. It’s tough.”

You can watch the interview below.