Sammy Hagar On The Circle’s ‘When The Leeve Breaks’-Like Song, ‘Slow Drain’

The Circle released their newest record, ‘Crazy Times,’ in September, and Sammy Hagar has been telling the stories behind the tracks on his personal YouTube channel with a series called, ‘Track By Track.’ In the most recent episode, Hagar discussed the song, ‘Slow Drain,’ how the track reminded him of the most classic rock anthems and disclosed why it was a challenge to sing it.

“I started hearing this pretty cool guitar melody,” remarked Hagar as he disclosed the track’s origins. “And Jason came up with this epic ‘boom clap,’ big feel, you know, ‘Rock Candy,’ ‘When The Leeves Break’ type feel, ‘We Will Rock You,’ you know, all those classics, badass tips. I got excited, I started screaming, ‘It’s a slow drain,’ and just kind of making up these words because it sounded slow.”

He continued, “And the song just wrote itself, I mean. Cobb was the instigator; he wrote most of the music except the melody that I wrote. I went home, wrote the lyrics, and came back next day, sang the whole damn thing about twenty times because it was brand new. I had brand new lyrics, so I had to read them, and I didn’t want to read them, and by the end, my voice was completely blown out.”

Sammy started to wear out because of the recording process, but the producer asked him to do one more take. The frontman recalled, “And Cobb’s gone, ‘Look, we got it. We got it. We got a great vocal. Don’t worry about it but just do one more, right? Just go for it, don’t care. You don’t have to sing one more thing; you’re done with the whole record. Right?’ And I screamed my guts out; I sang like there was no tomorrow because there really wasn’t any reason to save my voice or anything, and that was the take.”

The frontman discussed how he came up with the song while working with bandmate Jason Bonham and producer Dave Cobb. The melody and lyrics came to the rockers naturally, but the recording process of ‘Slow Drain’ was a bit tough as the Red Rocker had to do numerous takes while singing.

The track’s melody and lyrics almost came naturally, but the recording process of Hagar’s vocals was a bit tough since it required a lot of effort, and the song was brand new. However, Cobb was content with Hagar’s final take, and the band used those vocals in the song.