Sammy Hagar Denies Rumors About His Offer To David Gilmour

During the recordings of his ninth solo album, ‘I Never Said Goodbye,’ at A&M Studios, a sweet surprise waited for Sammy Hagar, as Pink Floyd was also in the same studio, recording ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason.’ Hagar got the chance to socialize with the Floyd members, which created rumors about a possible collaboration with David Gilmour. Yet, it wasn’t true, as Sammy recently revealed to Ultimate Classic Rock.

“David Gilmour and I discussed fine wines,” Hagar said about his interaction with Gilmour at the time. “We both had collections.” So, the two musicians talked about high-quality wines and shared their tastes with one another. However, this brief encounter became subject to rumors about Gilmour being a guest at Hagar’s solo effort.

The singer clarified the issue by saying, “He was never asked to play on the record.” So, although Hagar and Pink Floyd members shared the same studio and socialized with each other, the Red Rocker never asked David Gilmour to play on his record. However, Hagar is a big fan of Floyd’s music and has never denied the band’s impact on him.

Sammy continued, “If you listen to my ‘Red’ album, the song ‘Red,’ it’s got all of these changes. It goes through all of these [moments]. I’m a prog guy. I have a hard time simplifying things. I like to keep going. They say, ‘Well, you don’t need all of those parts,’ and I’m going, ‘Yeah, I do!’ I’m a Pink Floyd nut.”

Undoubtedly, even a little contribution from Gilmour would be pretty exciting to hear for Sammy Hagar fans. Yet unfortunately, it never happened, at least during that period. Who knows, maybe they will work together on a collaborative project in the future, which doesn’t seem impossible considering Hagar’s interest in progressive rock.