Ronnie Radke Shed Tears After Paying A Fan’s Credit Card Bill

Ronnie Radke recently made the headlines by helping a fan with his financial issues. After he paid the man’s credit card bill, an emotional interaction took place between the two on X.

The incident started with Radke’s heated chat with another user, who called him ‘so f**cking pathetic’ over a series of tweets. In response to the user, the Falling In Reverse frontman wrote:

“Yes, I’m 40 years old, rich as s**t, and bored talking hella s**t to literal f**king losers because I have nothing better to do because I don’t have to work a normal job, so I got all the time in the world, and most your favorite bands are messaging me laughing their a**es off, stop calling me insane s**t, and I’ll stop holding a mirror up to you ugly mothef**kers.”

In the middle of this online spat, a fan named Brandon Brown saw an opportunity to reach out to Radke. Referencing the singer’s mention of his richness, Brown asked for help paying off his credit card debt.

The Singer’s Act Of Kindness And The Chat That Followed

Radke replied by asking how much Brown owed, and upon learning it was $7,000, he offered to contribute $2,000. Following this, the fan posted a video on the same platform, expressing his mixed emotions about sharing his story but thanking the vocalist for help. His caption read:

“Was very up and down with sharing this, because of how emotional I am. But Ronnie Radke, thank you so much. When I made the comment, I never thought he would see it or even respond.”

His words in the video went:

“This means everything to me. And for you to just pick some random strange off of Twitter, thanks again. I met you twice, once with Escape The Fate and once with Falling In Reverse, and you’ve always been awesome. So thank you again, and I appreciate it.”

Quoting Brown’s post, Radke reacted by writing:

“Brother, this made me tear up. Thank you for sharing.”

Other fans also chipped in with their experiences of the frontman’s kindness. One mentioned receiving financial support from Radke for their mother’s cancer treatment. Another fan recalled him giving gifts in his Twitch streams, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.