Ronnie Radke Cancels Falling In Reverse Show Due To His Voice Issues

Rock fans were left disappointed as Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of Falling In Reverse, had to cancel a show due to voice issues. Radke took to Instagram to break the news, explaining that he needed just one more day of rest before being able to perform again.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first show Radke had to cancel. Falling In Reverse had to pull out of their performance at Earthday Birthday 2023 on Saturday, April 22, also due to Radke’s vocal issues. In an official statement, the singer apologized to fans and vowed to make it up to them as soon as possible. The rescheduling of the performance and the impact on the band’s future tour dates remain uncertain.

In the Instagram video, Radke expressed his understanding that fans might be upset, especially those who brought their kids to the show. He explained that he had no other choice but to take care of his voice and hoped fans would understand the situation.

He assured fans that this type of situation isn’t uncommon in the music world, as many bands have had to cancel shows for similar reasons. Radke emphasized that he wasn’t sick, but rather struggling with the cold and dry air in one of the venues. The frontman ended the video by promising to come back very soon.

His words on the Instagram video are as follows:

“Yo man, I’m sorry; I tried, guys. Just want to let you guys know I can’t do the show today. I need one more day of rest and the next show I’m going to be able to do for sure. It happens sometimes, guys. There are a lot of bands that have to do this, so I’m sorry. I’m not sick; I don’t have – it’s just the cold air in one of these venues; there’s no moisture.

You can hear it in my voice. So I got to take care of my voice, and I love you guys. I know there are going to be some mad people. You guys are going to be super mad, I know. You brought your kids and stuff like that. There’s nothing I can do about it. I have to take care of my voice. I love you guys; I promise you I’ll come back very soon, promise. Bye.”

While fans may be disappointed, it’s clear that Radke cares deeply about his craft and wants to ensure he can give the best performance possible. Here’s to hoping that his voice recovers quickly and that fans can catch Falling In Reverse on stage again soon!