Ronnie James Dio’s Widow Shares The Real Reason Behind Dio’s Departure From Black Sabbath

Legendary late singer Ronnie James Dio‘s widow Wendy Dio gave an interview to The V13 Podcast and talked about why Dio left Black Sabbath.

Following his tenure in the band Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio joined Black Sabbath in 1979 to replace Ozzy Ozbourne. The singer left the band three years later due to the conflicts that started while mixing the ‘Live Evil’ album. After leaving Black Sabbath, Dio formed his solo band in 1982. However, the frontman returned to Balck Sabbath in 1991 to record the band’s sixteenth studio album ‘Dehumanizer.’

In a recent interview on The V13 Podcast, Dio’s widow Wendy talked about the decision behind Dio’s departure. Following that, she also claimed that the relationship between the band members was wonderful when Dio firstly joined Black Sabbath.

Wendy said in the interview that Dio enjoyed his time with Tony Iommi while writing the ‘Mob Rules’ and ‘Heaven And Hell.’ However, she stated that things started to get messy because everyone was doing drugs, which made Dio quite unhappy. Wendy then claimed that this was the reason behind the singer’s decision to leave the band.

The interviewer made the following remark during their conversation:

“After Rainbow, Ronnie joined Black Sabbath. It feels like there’s some kind of underlying tension during his time in the band…?”

In the interview, Wendy Dio commented on Ronnie James Dio’s departure as:

“Well yeah, because everybody was doing drugs and stuff. I mean, it was fabulous when Ronnie first joined the band, it was really wonderful, and I think that he really enjoyed writing with Tony, and ‘Heaven and Hell,’ and then ‘The Mob Rules.’

But then the tension was there, it started to have tension and stuff, and Ronnie wasn’t happy. He had been given the solo deal during that time, and he was just not happy anymore, so he decided to leave.”

It can be safely said that Ronnie James Dio made remarkable contributions to Black Sabbath during their time together. Although we are not entirely sure what the real reason behind his decision to leave them was, his widow Wendy Dio thinks it’s because of the drug abuse in the band.