Roger Waters Shares An Excerpt From His Upcoming Memoir, ‘I Shouldn’t Really Say This But I’m Going To’

During an appearance on Peoples Dispatch, Pink Floyd’s Roger Walters has revealed a part of his new memoir which he thought he shouldn’t really share but he did anyway.

As you may know, Roger Waters and David Gilmour have agreed to release a deluxe edition of Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ released back in 1977. Although there is no planned date for its release, Waters revealed that it will contain 5.1 and stereo mixes. Waters was also meant to be on the road for his ‘This Is Not A Drill’ tour, but he postponed the tour dates until 2022 due to the pandemic. In his free time during the lockdown, he decided to work on a memoir. 

Recently, Roger Waters appeared on Peoples Dispatch, talking about Cuba’s history and the resistance of Cuban people against imperialism while mentioning the US bid to encourage regime change in Cuba. During his talk with Vijay Prashad, Waters also shared a part of his memoir, saying he should not really share this but he is going to do so anyway.

In the interview, the host Prashad told Roger Waters that his memoir is going to come out soon and they will go to Havana together to the Havana book fair saying they should do a big event under the stars talking about the lowlife in Cuba to Cuban people. Waters responded to that saying he would love to, then shared an excerpt from his memoir, telling it’s a kind of a joke towards Roman Catholicism. He said it was about asking a question to a nun about how much fun is to be married to the dead Jesus, and the nun answers the question by saying ‘none’.

While responding to Prashad who said they will go to Havana for a book fair soon after his memoir was released, Roger Waters said:

“I would love to do that. I’m trying to remember the name of the documentary that I’ve recently watched about Cuba. Extraordinarily eloquent but brilliantly kind of colorful and deeply moving. A heartwarming documentary about contemporary Havana. … You know it’s interesting, would we wanna live there or not. I sort of don’t know, I know I don’t wanna live in God’s heaven. I wrote this piece in my memoir, I shouldn’t really say this but I’m going to.

It is a little bit of a joke at the expense of the parts of Roman Catholicism. And it says about, it’s like asking a question to a nun, saying ‘How much fun is it being married to … Jesus.’ Her answer of course is ‘None.’ It’s quite a good new use of her name. I know you’re chuckling now which is a very good thing, because so am I. But it is one of the things that breaks my fucking heart.”

After this pun intended joke, he recalled the documentary’s name he has watched recently, which was ‘Finding Oscar’ and was about the searching of the survivors of the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala. Waters talked about that incident saying 200 people were killed that day, mentioning the kids left behind were found with DNA testing and they were adopted by the persons who killed their fathers.

Roger Waters said in the interview that:

“There was a new documentary I was watching, I think it’s just called ‘[Finding] Oscar.’ Anyway, it was [about] searching for the survivors of the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala in December 1952. I think it was in December. And as you know, they went into this village because there had been an ambush on some government killers. And then [they have] stolen 23 rifles, went in, slaughtered 200 people, and threw them all in a well. All of them. Men, women, children, babies, everybody. Boom, all together.

And then they exhumed them slowly. Once there was a change of government and I can’t name the year. But [the documentary is] incredibly moving and they found two survivors who had been adopted. So it’s like the same story that I’ve been involved in Argentina with Desaparecidos. … And their extraordinary work in finding the children of dead patriarchs and activists who the hunter and the sevenths of the hunter kidnapped back in the days when the coronels were in charge in Argentina.

[They] took them and stole the babies. And they found hundreds of them, with DNA testing and whatever. And honestly then the problems begin. You tell some kid who thinks his father is this army officer ‘It’s not your father, they killed him, he is actually the one that killed your father.‘ Your father was this other person, … a part of the resistance, a hero. Or your mother. It’s all the same story over again.”

Roger Waters has announced the interview on his Twitter, saying that:

“Here’s another Peoples Dispatch episode with my friend Vijay Prashad. We met at UMass Amherst one memorable evening with Sut Jhally, Dave Zirin, Marc Lamont Hill, and Linda Sarsour, lovely people all, my great good luck!”

Below is the tweet posted by Roger Waters and the full interview for you to check out.