Roger Taylor’s Daughter Tigerlily Tests Positive For Covid-19

Model Tigerlily Taylor, who’s also known as Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s daughter, recently posted a photo on her Instagram stories and announced that she’s contracted Covid-19 while sharing her sadness for missing a beautiful trip to Ibiza.

As you may know, Roger Taylor and Debbie Leng lived together for 15 years and had three kids, one of whom is the well-known model Tigerlily Taylor. Although she’s confessed that her father’s popularity sometimes made her feel quite uncomfortable, she grew up to appreciate his fatherhood and embrace his fame.

Tigerlily has been actively using her Instagram account to post photos from her everyday life and career as a model, but also to share some gorgeous photos of Debbie Leng and Roger Taylor. However, we can’t say that her latest posts were that beautiful and happy as she recently announced that she tested positive for Covid-19.

In her recent Instagram stories, Tigerlily announced that she recently took a Covid-19 test which sadly came back positive. The fact that the young model was planning on going to Ibiza made matters even worse as now she’s not allowed to exit her house and needs to self-isolate for at least 14 days.

Taylor’s statement on Instagram stories read:

“Got Rona. Bye bye Ibiza.”

You can check out Tigerlily’s Instagram story below:

Photo Credit: Tigerlily Taylor – Instagram