Roger Taylor Reveals Freddie Mercury’s Supergroup Plans With Elton John And Rod Stewart

Queen drummer Roger Taylor talked about the late frontman Freddie Mercury and iconic musicians Elton John and Rod Stewart‘s supergroup during his recent interview with Stars Cars Guitars. The musician expressed his ideas about the rivalry between the artists by sharing details.

The Rod Stewart Band and Queen became commercially successful and internationally famous worldwide, especially during the ’70s. Therefore, many rock music lovers argued a lot about which one was better and more qualified than the other, and this created a competitive atmosphere as usual.

However, Taylor recently stated that there was no competition between the two bands, and they were fellow rock musicians. Still, the famous drummer revealed that Stewart and John were trying to beat each other‘s success even though they had been close friends for a very long time.

Then, Taylor talked about a supergroup Mercury, John, and Stewart almost founded while attending a dinner party. The musician shared the band’s name, Nose, Teeth & Hair, inspired by Stewart’s nose, Mercury’s teeth, and John’s hair. Roger Taylor went on to say that it was only an idea that started as a joke. Eventually, they couldn’t form the supergroup, which would hit the rock stage and charts worldwide considering its star-studded lineup.

Taylor said in his interview that:

“We didn’t feel competitive. I love the Rod Stewart Band. They’re great. We had so much fun and good times together. Rod and Elton were friends, but I think they were quite competitive. They were going to get a band together at some point with Freddie. It was going to be Nose, Teeth & Hair, but it was a laugh. We didn’t feel like competitors. We felt like fellow pop people, rock people.”

You can check out the interview below.