Rob Halford On Freddie Mercury, ‘He’s A God’


Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford was interviewed by Spain’s Mariskal Rock and expressed his feelings and thoughts about the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury by emphasizing his unmatchable and extraordinary talent. Also, he revealed who wore the leather jacket first, which became a famous symbol of rock and roll fashion.

Even though many people might assume that Rob Halford and Freddie Mercury met during a tour or a private party thrown by another rock star, the two icons actually met at a gay club in Mykonos. Halford didn’t give the exact date, but it happened years before he came out. The singer stated that he felt surprised and excited, especially when Mercury saw him while hanging out in the club’s corner.

Here’s what Halford said:

“I went into this bar, which was pretty small, and it was absolutely rammed, and they were blasting music. I’m there with a couple of mates, I’m having a few drinks, and there in the corner, with his posse, is Fred. I’m like, ‘My God, it’s Freddie Mercury.’ He acknowledges me.”

Later, Halford and Mercury didn’t get a chance to meet in person or perform together on the stage, but the Judas Priest singer always paid tribute to the late frontman by praising his vocal talent, showmanship, personality, and charisma. Also, Halford described Mercury as a god that a younger musician can never replace.

In addition, he recalled the time he saw a picture of Freddie Mercury with a leather jacket, saying that he was very shocked in the beginning. He added that he had decided to wear the leather jacket before the Queen frontman, but according to Halford, it doesn’t matter because both looked very good in it. 

Halford shared his ideas, saying:

“I remember seeing a picture of Freddie with his leather jacket and a cap and a motorcycle, and I’m, like, ‘What the f’ck is going on, Freddie? I love him. Freddie is a god — he’s a god. His music, his voice, his showmanship, his personality, his charisma. There’ll never, ever be another Freddie Mercury.

However, as far as who wore it first, I think I did probably — maybe by a year or two. Yeah, if that’s important. I don’t know. Is it important? I’ll tell you something: we both look good in leather.”

You can watch the interview below.