Phil Campbell Recalls Receiving A Warning Before Lemmy Kilmister’s Passing

In a new interview on Rock Of Nations With Dave Kinchen And Shane McEachern, the former Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell shared his thoughts on the last moments of the band’s frontman, Lemmy Kilmister. The band was unaware of the proximity of their bandmate’s life coming to an end, but they eventually received a warning call about the frontman’s health. Recalling the day they received the call, the musician shared:

“We got a call, ‘You’d better come over, better fly over to see Lem. He’s not doing too well.’ But we never got a chance. So we never managed to say goodbye, unfortunately. But it’s like any other… when someone passes away, it’s not good. But we rocked, and Lem rocked till the end, till he could do no more. ‘Cause we were trying to get him to take a rest, but he wouldn’t listen to us. He did it — right to the end, he did it his way, which I’m really proud of. I’m glad did it like that as well.”

Lemmy’s Last Wish

Since the formation of the band in 1975, Motörhead has gained recognition all over the world and sold millions of albums. Even after the frontman’s passing, fans played a crucial role in preserving the band’s legacy. Evidently, this was precisely what Lemmy desired. Campbell went on in the same interview to share the posthumous wish of his late bandmate:

“He said years ago that’s all he wanted to do, was create an unforgettable rock and roll band. So I think he definitely managed that. So, he can sleep upstairs or downstairs, wherever he is now, a happy man.”

Lemmy Had No Idea He Would Pass Away Soon

The rocker passed away in December 2015 at the age of 70, shortly after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Before his passing, Motörhead had to cancel a few shows due to Lemmy’s poor health, although the band did manage to complete the mentioned European tour a couple of weeks before his passing. Apparently, Lemmy did not realize the end of his life was near. Sharing with Sonic Perspectives in an earlier interview, Campbell recalled:

“I don’t think that he had those — I know he didn’t have these thoughts at all. But he did struggle with his health, and that was a pain in the ass for Lemmy, because he wanted to live his normal life so much. But he had some good days and bad days. And ’15 was a tough year for Lemmy, and for all of us, obviously. But I know for a fact that he had no idea that he would actually pass away — I mean, die — by the end of that year; he had no clue about that.”

You can hear the rest of the conversation below.