Paul Stanley Explains How KISS Came Back From Almost Hitting Rock Bottom


During his appearance on The Talk, KISS frontman Paul Stanley has talked about their upcoming documentary ‘Biography: KISStory’ and remembered the time when KISS almost hit the rock bottom and managed to come back.

As you may recall, the famous rock band KISS live-streamed a show at last year’s New Year’s Eve and the show stunned the audience, setting a new world record for highest flame projection in a music concert. The band is also known for going back on the road to finish up their final End Of The Road Tour, and they are not planning to go on any more tours. The documentary also celebrates their last tour and the band’s 50 years of presence in the music industry.

The lead singer Paul Stanley has also discussed this new project on ‘The Talk’, saying that the documentary really humanizes them, especially him and Gene Simmons as the story of KISS is a story of a friendship between them. Also mentioning their farewell tour as the documentary was a celebration of it, he added that they are going to do the show now bigger and better as their victory lap.

After being asked how KISS managed to come back from hitting the rock bottom, Stanley responded that it was because of their determination as they found the right path even after taking wrong turns during their journey, and thanked their fans who stayed by their side.

Stanley’s answer to the question was:

“Look, I’m a big believer that when somebody is drowning, you try to save them. But when they start pulling you down with them is when you cut them loose. You’re always gonna find out how much something means to you by how hard you’re willing to fight to bring it back or to retain it. So it was sheer determination.

And did we make some wrong turns in our journey? Yeah, but we always wound up getting back on the right path. And I just have to say kudos to all our fans who stood by us. And likely some of them left discouraged at some point, and over time we won them back.”

The documentary ‘Biography: KISStory’ is set to premiere on June 27 and June 28 as a two-night event and is produced for A&E Network by Critical Content and Big Dreams Entertainment with D.J. Viola serving as director.

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