Ozzy Osbourne’s Last Conversation With Lemmy Kilmister Is Revealed

Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne opened up about his good friend and late Motörhead legend Lemmy Kilmister in his recent interview with Classic Rock. The musician also detailed his last conversation while talking about losing people he loved and what he felt about it.

Along with his extraordinary talent as an instrumentalist, Kilmister was a great songwriter, so many musicians wanted to work with him as a part of several projects. One of them was Ozzy Osbourne’s sixth studio album entitled ‘No More Tears,’ released on September 17, 1991. Kilmister wrote the lyrics for ‘Hellraiser,’ ‘Desire,’ ‘I Don’t Want to Change the World,’ and ‘Mama I’m Coming Home,’ and their collaboration received very positive reviews from their fans.

Unfortunately, two legendary frontmen didn’t have any chance to release new songs after Kilmister had passed away because of prostate cancer, cardiac arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure on December 28, 2015, four days after his 70th birthday. It was too sad to lose him for those close to the musician. Therefore, Osbourne stated that Kilmister’s death made him feel devastated.

In addition, the Black Sabbath icon revealed that he was talking with Kilmister on the morning that he died, which was saying goodbye for the last time without knowing it. However, he couldn’t share what the late singer told him at that moment because he couldn’t understand it. Probably, Kilmister was too weak to speak due to his health condition. Even though he tried to reach the others to learn more, he only talked to Kilmister.

Osbourne shared his memory, saying:

“He was a good man, Lemmy was. All the guys from Motörhead have gone now, from the original band. It’s hard to lose anyone you love. I was talking to Lemmy on the morning that he died, but I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. I wanted to talk to someone else who was there, but they kept giving the phone to Lemmy.”

Consequently, Lemmy Kilmister’s family, friends, colleagues, and fans will never forget him as a good person and an exceptional singer and songwriter. Most musicians won’t stop giving credit to the late icon, thanks to his influence on them and the rock and metal music scene.

You can listen to Osbourne’s album, to which Kilmister contributed below.