Oasis’ Liam Gallagher Apologizes To Robbie Williams

As feuds have become a long-established tradition within the music industry, we have countless examples. The fight between Robbie Williams and the Gallagher brothers of Oasis is a long-running one… After Williams’ recent comments about them being bullies during the height of their popularity, Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to apologize for hurting the singer’s feelings.

Robbie Williams and the Gallagher brothers kept insulting each other with harsh words during the 1990s and 2000s. Williams even challenged Liam to a £100,000 bet to have a televised boxing match at the 2000 Brit Awards. A short while ago, Robbie stated in an interview that he wasn’t hurt by what the Gallagher brothers had said to him in the past. He actually missed those days when they made the headlines.

However, in a recent chat with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Robbie Williams accused the former Oasis members of being massive bullies at the time. He said, “Also, they were gigantic bullies too, to the whole industry, everybody in it – and I didn’t like that. A lot of that still remains inside me. They’re probably different people now, but there’s a lot of me that’s like, ‘They’re f*cking bullies, them. I don’t like bullies.’”

Following that, Liam Gallagher was asked by a Twitter follower to comment on this since Robbie had both praised Liam for his musical talent but also criticized him for bullying everyone around him. The Oasis icon responded, “I agree with him on the vital thing, not on the bully thing. I’ve never bullied anyone in my life.”

However, the vocalist still apologized to Williams in case he had said anything that had hurt him in the past. “I’m a massive piss taker for sure and probably gone a little too far sometimes, but if I’ve ever hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologize,” Gallagher wrote.

Elsewhere in the interview, Robbie Williams also said that he is a big fan of Oasis and Liam Gallagher’s solo work. He then praised Liam’s latest solo effort, ‘C’mon You Know,’ and concluded his words by highlighting that he was very glad that a musician like Gallagher existed in the scene.