Noel Gallagher Explains Why There Will Not Be Another Oasis

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher recently gave an interview to the Mirror and revealed why he thinks there won’t be other bands like Oasis in the future. If you ask the musician, the younger generation of possible musicians doesn’t have the financial support they need to build a music career.

Noel Gallagher began his musical journey at the young age of 12 when he started playing the guitar to escape domestic problems. While his family experienced financial struggles, which heightened when Gallagher’s mother left his father, the future rock star had to work as a technician for Inspiral Carpets after working at building companies for a while.

Fortunately for him, Gallagher decided to join his brother Liam, who formed the band called Rain, which later became Oasis. The Gallagher brothers released numerous monumental albums in the following years, which placed them among the most successful acts on the UK Singles Chart and Albums Chart, with eight UK number-one singles and eight UK number-one albums.

In an interview with the Mirror, Gallagher said he believes there won’t be another Oasis in the future because working-class youth cannot afford to start a band in today’s world. He then pointed out that there aren’t any 14-year-olds in bands now. According to Gallagher, there aren’t that many young bands because guitars are expensive, and there aren’t any rehearsal rooms as they have turned into bars and flats. He then stated that many middle-class bands have members who wear guitars, not play them.

In the interview with the Mirror, Noel Gallagher said:

“Where are the 14-year-olds in bands now? Working-class kids can’t afford to do it now because guitars are expensive, there are no rehearsal rooms. They’ve all been turned into wine bars and flats. There are now loads of middle-class bands with members who only wear guitars as opposed to playing them. Four or five guys from a council estate can’t afford guitars.”

So, Noel Gallagher came from humble beginnings in a suburb and formed a worldwide success with his brother Liam the band Oasis. However, he thinks there won’t be any bands like Oasis in the future due to the financial struggles of middle-class youth who cannot afford to follow their dreams.