Nikki Sixx Hints At A New Mötley Crüe Project


Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx recently shared a post on his official Twitter account to answer a fan’s question about whether they had plans to drop an album. The musician gave a clue about the band’s upcoming project, which made the fans happy and excited.

Following their reunion in 2018 to record songs for the biographical movie ‘The Dirt,’ the band decided to continue their musical journey as a band. The main reason behind this decision was the film’s popularity and success, drawing people’s attention to Mötley Crüe members and their crazy lifestyles. The longtime followers started waiting for their tenth studio album, which would be their first after over a decade.

However, Mötley Crüe didn’t return to the studio; instead, they revealed a Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, which was supposed to begin in 2020. They had to postpone it two times because of COVID-19 precautions and restrictions worldwide. The tour finally kicked off on June 16, 2022, in Cumberland, ending on September 9, 2022, in Las Vegas. A fan wanted to know if they had any plans about releasing a live album following the end of the tour.

Sixx responded, saying that Mötley Crüe members probably won’t release an album from their extraordinary performances as a part of their ongoing tour. Yet, the bassist gave other news and stated there was a possibility of shooting and sharing a documentary, reflecting on their experiences on the roads, including funny, emotional, and unforgettable moments. The project will be very special for everyone pleased to see them on the road after years.

Here’s what the fan asked:

Any chance we would ever get a stadium tour live album?

Sixx responded:

“Probably not, but maybe a documentary down the road.”

You can check out the tweets below.