Mike Portnoy Says There Are No Rules With LTE As He Compares His Experience Playing With Dream Theater

Sons Of Apollo drummer Mike Portnoy revealed the differences between playing in Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment during a recent conversation with Jordan Rudess.

As you may recall, Liquid Tension Experiment reunited after twenty years, and they are ready to release their third studio album, Liquid Tension Experiment 3, on April 16.

In the conversation, Mike touched upon the differences between Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment and mentioned that there are no lyrics in the LTE songs that make the songwriting much different.

Furthermore, Mike also pointed out that LTE is basically more improvisationally based compared to Dream Theater, and it has a lot more dynamic and freedom during the songwriting process.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said:

“Even all those years we were together in Dream Theater, I found the chemistry for LTE and the chemistry for Dream Theater between all of us. It’s a little bit of different chemistry too – because it’s a different way of writing and working.

With Dream Theater, there are vocals, you have to write with vocals in mind, whereas LTE, it’s instrumental, so it’s a whole different way of writing. It’s also very, very improvisationally based, so there’s that element.”

He added:

“There’s also the keyboards – I think, with LTE, when we did those first two albums, you were free to do whatever, and that was our chance to work with you. And it was, like, ‘Man, whatever you want, Jordan. Go for it.’ But then once you came into Dream Theater, it’s kind of a different formula.

You’ve kind of gotta find your place; the dynamic is a little different. But the LTE dynamic is so free and open – there are no rules with LTE.”

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