Mick Jagger’s Daughter Jade Gets Arrested After Attacking Police Officers

Mick Jagger‘s daughter Jade Jagger and her boyfriend Anthony Hinkson were detained by police in Ibiza, Spain, after an incident at a local restaurant, as El Pais, Spain’s largest newspaper, reported. The altercation, which involved the police, landed both individuals under arrest.

Jade posted on Instagram about her extended visit to the famous Spanish island. However, her vacation took an unexpected turn on Wednesday. A quarrel began at the popular La Oliva restaurant in Ibiza Town when Jade’s boyfriend began to insult the staff after they refused to serve him more drinks. His interaction with the restaurant staff escalated, leading to both him and Jade being asked to leave.

The conflict didn’t end with their removal from the establishment. Once outside, Hinkson continued with verbal insults, drawing the attention of local law enforcement. The situation worsened when the police officers arrived to handle the situation.

Upon the officers’ arrival, Jade allegedly assaulted them, resulting in scratches and punches being thrown, according to El Pais and eyewitnesses. The report that the police source hasn’t confirmed mentioned that both Jade and Anthony were promptly arrested due to their actions.

Video footage of the incident later surfaced showing Hinkson being restrained by seven officers. According to witnesses, prior to the arrest, he acted erratically, confronted passersby, and even made a seemingly impulsive purchase. As reported by The Sun, he bought a designer dress worth $2,265 as a gift for a waitress, further contributing to his curious relationship with Jade.

Jade’s actions at the restaurant and subsequent discussion with the police sparked public interest. Both she and her boyfriend are now facing legal repercussions for their actions during this incident. Jagger is expected to face a court hearing this Friday. The results of the court proceedings will provide a better understanding of the situation as more updates will be reported. However if they are found guilty Jade and Hinkson could face up to four years behind bars as well as hefty fines.