Mark Tremonti On His Falsetto, ‘I Am Like Robert Plant’

Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti recently made an appearance on Breaking The Absolutes With Peter Orullian. While he was talking about his falsetto voice during the conversation, the musician claimed that he feels like he is Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant.

Before forming his self-named band in 2011, Tremonti started considering releasing a solo album in 2010. This was because the songs he wanted to produce were far from Creed’s or Alter Bridge’s sound. With his band, the guitarist planned to achieve a heavier sound with lots of soloing.

Playing the guitar and singing the lead vocals on all the songs, Tremonti continues to achieve what he initially had in mind. In an interview with Peter Orullian on Breaking The Absolutes, he talked about his band’s sound and why it differs from Creed’s or Alter Bridge’s, his recent works, and his vocal approach.

In the interview, Tremonti stated that he writes in his falsetto when writing vocal melodies. He then claimed one limits themselves while using their full voice. Following that, Tremonti highlighted the importance of singing in falsetto and said it gives the musician freedom.

According to Tremonti, one can sing whatever they want by singing in falsetto. Moreover, he said he likes to imagine he is Robert Plant while singing in his falsetto. The musician said it makes him feel like he writes better when he thinks outside the box and lets his imagination flow.

In the interview on Breaking the Absolutes with Peter Orullian, Mark Tremonti said:

“When I’m writing vocal melodies, I write in my falsetto. If I’m writing for hours and hours, I can’t sing in my full voice. When you’re writing a vocal melody, if you’re using your full voice, you’re only limiting yourself with your melody to where your voice can hit. Imagination can go way higher, way lower, and way all over the place. Once you find that melody, then you can take your guitar and pitch it to where you can sing it.

But, in the meantime, whatever key you’re singing at the time, if you can sing in your falsetto, it’s limitless. You can sing whatever you want. And when I’m writing melodies, when I’m singing in my falsetto, I’m like Robert Plant. I’m like, whoever the hell I want to be at that moment. I can imagine myself being the greatest singer on earth. If I’m singing my normal voice, I hear myself, and I limit myself and my creativity. But if I think outside the box, just like I’m somebody else, I feel like I write better stuff.

You can check out the rest of the interview below.